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What's on Point?

WA Wedding Photographer Fined!

Make sure you know your photographers turnaround time from the shoot to when you get your photo's. Read on...

What's on Point?

Commercial Band Shoot

The Steve Hensby Band!

Here's a fun fact! Clients hire with their eyes before they even hear your music. If you're in need then update your band image with some stunning professional images. Both hi-res and web optimised versions included. Lots of fun to be had and a very quick turnaround from shoot to delivery.

There are no words for this level of TALENT!

Bayswater Hotel

Bayswater, Quality, Hotel, Pub

Luxurious Leather

The Deck

The Cafe

Relax in Style

4 Star Rooms

Bayswater Hotel Rooms

Recent Commercial Work

Quality Bayswater Hotel

4 Star Accommodation right on the train line

Come see me

Wedding Open Day

Event Details

  • Date: 01/07/2018 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Venue: Elmar's in the Valley
  • Complimentary Champagne & Beer tasting on arrival


Check out this article for more detail by clicking on title above. Such fun!

Bride & Gloom

This article is GOLD! Click on the title above to find out why you need to book an experienced, professional photographer with over a decade of experience and real wedding photos to view.

Oh Dear!

Please choose your Photographer and suppliers wisely. Sadly I read this in a Perth Weddings & Bridal (closed) facebook group and thought I'd share this warning...

Kate Retallack
27th July at 11:24

"I'd like to encourage everyone, when dealing with a vendor, please please have a good contract in place, check it, and do your research! Unfortunately we are having to take our photographer to court...