Kate Retallack

27th July at 11:24

"I'd like to encourage everyone, when dealing with a vendor, please please have a good contract in place, check it, and do your research! Unfortunately we are having to take our photographer to court, who we found on a wedding Facebook group. She utterly breached her contract, unprofessional on the day with poor communication, and didn't even get family photos, despite being asked several times. I have one single photo with my little miss 6 on our whole day, which we paid for two photographers to shoot 7 hours. Apart from many other issues, this is particularly upsetting.

We also have only a few hundred from the whole day, with most being poor quality because of a wrong settling, too light or dark, and blurred. The rest you would of thought a 10 year old took with their camera phone. We are lucky to have a dozen photos that are printable in total. That's including all of hubby and I, family, bridal party and "artistic" shots of rings and boots. She has blamed us for it being a DIY wedding limiting her ability to capture the day. But in fact our biggest priority was photos, which we were all waiting for, happy and willingly ready to cooperate, ready to tell who to be where with who doing what. If it wasn't for me making some suggestions, we wouldn't even have half of the ones we do. We were very relaxed about the day, and all we cared about was that we ended up married, and we had good photos. All of which was expressed to her prior. 2k isn't a small amount of money to pay a photographer, to then end up with the majority of unusable photos, missing all those moments and people of the day, and essentially ruining the day and memory of it. Not to mention the unpleasantness afterwards. I know there are many fantastic, reputable Profesional photographers who do advertise here and other groups, and I'm by no means lumping them all together.

But please please triple check every vendor who is playing a part in your day, so it doesn't spoil it. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say photos are one of the most important parts of the day to remember it by. The photographer we dealt with has offered us a refund of $200, which is apparently what the prints and albums are worth that are ment to be part of our package. Which was offered after saying there is no point her choosing and printing a bunch of very ordinary to bad photos. We've tried nicely communicating with her to be stone walled with no compromises. She is supposedly not an amateur or just starting out either, although I definitly wouldn't call her professional. She has some amazing shots in her promo stuff, but I think it's likely they are flukes with a lot of editing. Feedback on editing our images is also something that didn't happen. So please, I can't stress this enough, do your research on your vendors!"

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